About Us

PHFlower is the online gift shop for all flower delivery to Philippines. They send flowers to Philippines by arranging them in various flower arrangements and with a free card. Their products include red roses, blue roses, white roses, tulips, carnations and gerberas.

The PHFlower team is able to do all these with their dedicated team. Their team is comprised of four sections: the customer service team, the delivery team, the product packaging team and the marketing team. Each of the four teams has their designated jobs in the whole PHflower process. The marketing team takes care of attracting people to the website. From here, the customer service team takes over by assisting clients with their questions before they order. When a client orders, the packaging team takes care of handling all the orders before it is given to the delivery team that takes the gift right to the client's doorstep.

Why Clients Should Choose PHFlower?

PHFlower is perhaps one of those companies with vast experience in the industry. While their name may sound quite ordinary because of all the gift delivery websites that sprung on the Internet, they are still the original website that offered such a service.

Clients can trust PHFlower because they simply know what they are doing. Not only are they equipped with a team of capable employees, they are also adept at crafting gifts and flower arrangements for their clients. With this, people can trust the company to come up with nothing less than high quality gifts every time.

What Services Does PHFlower Provide?

PHFlower provides an assortment of services ranging from flower arrangement, flower delivery, fruits basket creation and delivery and grocery basket creation and delivery. The company specializes on creating amazing gift items from ordinary items as they have been in the industry for quite some time now. And not only that, the company also specializes on delivery as they already have thousands of regular customers who use their service at a frequent basis.

You can easily contact us through the following:
USA No: 001-213-9841010
Call: +63-02-414-4444
Text: +63-908-8848712
E-mail : info@phflower.com